Call for Organized Sessions


IROS 2019 seeks to provide focused discussions on new topics and innovative applications of established approaches during the conference. Therefore, the Organized Sessions are encouraged.

Important Dates






Organized Session Proposals submission deadline





Notification of acceptance





Submission deadline of Organized Session Papers reviewed as IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L) with IROS 2019 Option





Submission deadline of Organized Session Papers reviewed as regular (IROS 2019 only) papers

Tuesday - Thursday

5 - 7



Organized Sessions

* All deadlines are 23:59 PST

The duration for each Organized Session is 90 minutes, and the paper presentations will be in the same format as in the regular sessions. An Organized Session consists of six related papers, which could all address for example a particular theme or consist of work done in some particular international project, or a specific subfield of intelligent robots and systems. The goal of these Organized Sessions is that the proposed authors can meet to discuss the topic and their papers.

IROS 2019 welcome active members or coordinators of ongoing collaborative projects, focused PhD research training groups, special interest groups, or any other organizers to submit their proposals for Organized Sessions.

Proposals must be submitted via PaperPlaza and the following points addressed:

  • A proposed title for the Organized Session,
  • A brief 2-3 paragraph summary for the Organized Session explaining the goal of the Organized Session and the overarching themes of the submitted papers,
  • A list of papers with title of paper, contributing authors with affiliations, corresponding author with email, and tentative short abstract of the paper, which will not be published in the proceedings.

A Microsoft Word Template is available for preparation of your proposal. Proposals with significant overlap will possibly be merged.

Once an Organized Session is accepted, the papers organized under that session will then be submitted to the PaperPlaza system. Organized Session can include papers submitted as RA-L with IROS 2019 Option and regular (IROS 2019 only) papers. Organizers of accepted Organized Session will receive a CODE for submission of IROS 2019 only papers. IROS 2019 only papers would be submitted as Organized Session Paper. Authors of IROS 2019 only papers will need the CODE provided by the organizers for submission. Submission deadline of Organized Session Papers reviewed as RA-L with IROS 2019 Option is February 24, 2019. Submission deadline of Organized Session Papers reviewed as IROS 2019 only papers is March 1, 2019.

After an OS paper is submitted, the authors of that paper should send the submission ID (whether it is an RA-L with IROS option paper, or IROS only paper) to the OS organizers. Then after the deadline, the OS organizers will send the OS committee the list of submission IDs by March 8, 2019.
email: [email protected].

These papers will undergo the same strict review process like all other IROS 2019 papers and, if accepted, published in the proceedings.

If the organized session does not have at least 6 papers accepted, then the organized session will not be held, and accepted papers submitted to the organized session would go into other sessions.

It is possible to submit a proposal of organized session with more than 6 papers in case some papers are not accepted. If more than 7 papers are accepted, IROS 2019 would ask organizers to select 6 accepted papers for the organized session and other accepted paper(s) would go into other sessions.

For any enquiries concerning IROS 2019 Organized Sessions, please send email to the OS committee.
email: [email protected].

Organized Session Committee Co-Chairs


Hesheng Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Fumihito Arai, Nagoya University, Japan
Kevin Lynch, Northwestern University, USA
Bradley Nelson, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Allison M. Okamura, Stanford University, USA
Tony Maciejewski, Colorado State University, USA
Dong Sun, City University of Hong Kong, China